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Wild Turkey Master's Keep Revival Bourbon Whiskey (750ml)

Batch 01 with collectors display box

From 12-15 years, the Bourbon in this limited Edition rested in a reserved lot of American oak barrels before finishing in 20 year old Spanish Oloroso Sherry Casts that Eddie Russell personally hand-selected during his travels to Spain. 50.5% ( 101 Proof )

Batch No.1 of Revival comes with a mashbill of 75% Corn, 13% Rye and 12% Malted Barley. With aromas of cherry pie, raisins, citrus, nuts and a touch of oak. It delivers soft and creamy hints of spice and sweet tropical fruits on the palate and a long and lingering finish of dried apricots, honey and subtle spice. With strong reviews from the likes of whiskyadvocate (below) and miniscule allocations, it's a must for any serious Wild Turkey collector. 1600 cases worldwide, very limited Australian stock.


Tasting note: Bright topaz. Typically big Turkey bouquet with sweet peach fruitiness balanced by crisp oak, orange zest, new leather and whiffs of shellac. Exposure adds scents of berry muffin, rock lollies and trace peppermint. The oloroso is more prominent on the palate: Initially pecan pie, rich vanillas and oak shavings underpinned by a fiery, gently bittersweet spirit. The finish sees lots of wood spice trailed by nutty, leathery, notes as well as pepper and hints of seville orange and muddled mint, while the aftertaste is vibrant, spiced-up and beautifully sustained. The sherry-bourbon combination really works. It's better again after 5-10 minutes breathing in the glass. 50.5% Alc./Vol.


Other reviews... Driven by lovely maple syrup and sweet bread pudding, this is like waltzing into a bake shop serving up warm sticky buns—all bready sweet, spice, and dried raisins—laced with toasted oak. The body is delightfully rich and viscous, with a generous jolt of sweetness and spice that pours long and satisfying. The sweet maple, candied nuts, dried berries, and white pepper spice strike a wonderful balance.
92 points -, reviewed by: Jeffery Lindenmuth (Fall 2018)


...Wild Turkey’s fruit-forward flavor profile and higher aged bourbon stock, mixed with a gentle barrel finish, results in a bourbon with balance and complexity.... nicely constructed and gets better the more time you spend with it. That tends to be the case with Wild Turkey limited releases: the devil is in their details. For someone looking for a gut-punch of flavor, this isn’t it. For the rest, there is a lot to appreciate for those willing to spend the time, effort, and money to do so. -

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