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Why we do what we do...

Welcome to my Harvest Australian Liquor.

Let me begin with that I'm not a writer, I'm am just an enthusiast. All I want to do is pass on the knowledge to educate others in what I love and see what is a passion. I have a passion for Australian Spirits and everything that is involved within the industry. Our goal at Harvest Australian Liquor is to educate consumers on the amazing product that are being produced in Australia.

I have been a fan of spirits from around the world for many years, I believe that it is time to showcase what we produce here. Below 3% of all the Alcohol in Australia consumed is made in Australia. When I heard this statistic it shocked me, we have some of the best grain/grape coming out of the country we live in.

My thought process:

We Grow - We Make - We Sell

In my mind it seems simple but maybe not.

We have the best grain/grapeĀ in the world. It is already here, we don't need to import it to make a world class product to further showcase our evergrowing beverage Industry.

Follow on effect:

  • Farming Industry
  • Distilling Industry
  • Marketing Industry
  • Packaging Industry
  • Logistics Industry
  • Jobs.........

Where do we stand...

Legistalation is the first problem for the budding Distiller. In the Goverments defence it is hard to regulate something than has had a ban for the last 150 years. Change in regulation between department has also proved difficulties.

Taxation is the next issue, we pay $81.21 per litre of pure Alcohol sold in the country. With the total being around the $25 mark of the tax being paid per bottle, we can't make a bottle pay the tax and give it away for the same price as a bottle of cheap bottle of Scotch coming out of Scotland. How do we compete....

The more that Australian choose to consume Australian owned and operated products it will have a massive affect on the growth and development of this country.

This is a passion project of ours, we will not make an abundance of money as a retailer, it is to bring awareness of the people that give their lives to produce a product that they love as much as Harvest Australian Liquor.

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