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Archie Rose White Rye

Archie Rose Distillery - White Rye

Archie Rose Distillery's White Rye is uniquely distilled from rare malted rye and barley sourced from the finest producers, and greets you with cinnamon, nutmeg and spicy notes that envelope the palate.

Twice distilled, it features a lingering, buttery finish with a subtle smokiness, and can be savoured straight or in your cocktail of choice.

700mL | Alc/Vol 40%


  • World's Best Spirits Packaging - International Wine & Spirits Competition (London)
  • Gold Medal - San Francisco World Spirits Competition (USA)
  • Best Australian Rye - International Wine & Spirits Competition (London)
Fannys Bay Port Cask

Fannys Bay Distillery - Port Cask

The Fannys Bay range of whiskies are described as a smooth mature full palate with a refreshing taste of our northern coastal waters. There whisky is unfiltered as they believe that the compounds (who others see as impurities) convey extra flavours, and provide an organic product.  Tasmania has some of the purest sea breezes’ assisting them in creating the unique flavours that people have come to expect from Fannys Bay Distillery.

Stoned fruits & spices a hint of honey & butterscotch.

500mL  | Alc/Vol 46%

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Hellyers Road Original

Hellyers Road Distillery - Single Malt Original

As the name suggests, Hellyers Road original product, distilled from premium Tasmanian grain and some of the world’s purest drinking water. Matured in American Oak and bottled at 46.2% alcohol volume with no artificial colouring and not requiring chilled filtration. Our distilling process ensures an enhanced single malt flavour delivering a well-balanced and very smooth spirit. The nose is drawn to hints of citrus, lemon and orange, while the palate is in receipt of a vanilla sweetness transcending a warm, toasty aftertaste conjuring impressions of freshly buttered sourdough.

700mL | Alc/Vol 46.2%

Hellyers Road Peated

Hellyers Road Distillery - Single Malt Peated

Aged in American Oak (ex-bourbon) and distilled using peated grain sourced from Inverness – Scotland, this single malt was recognised as the nation’s best at the Malt Whisky Society of Australia Awards for Excellence in 2010. True Scotch lovers will be in awe of this delightful Tasmanian crafted drop. 46.2% alc/vol. Presented in a stunning canister.

A whiff of burnt fern smokiness greets the nose with typical hints of citrus, lemon and orange presenting through the haze. The palate is further complimented by a citrus sweetness with overtones of malt presenting. A lingering aftertaste conjures fresh forest regeneration with layers of smoke and pepper omnipresent.

700mL | Alc/Vol 46.2%

Hobart Whisky First Release

Hobart Whisky - First Release '18-001

Hobart Whisky First Release, a skillful marriage of selected small ex-bourbon casks, expressed at 48.8% abv.

Batch Nº: 18-001
Bottled: 2nd August 2018

Launceston Tawny Cask

Launceston Distillery - Tawny Cask

Batch H17:02, Tasmanian single malt.

This rich, robust whisky was matured in small French oak casks which previously held tawny fortified wine (Australian-style port).

500mL | 46% Alc/Vol

Limeburners Darkest Winter

Limeburners Distillery - Darkest Winter

Limeburners Darkest Winter Single Malt Whisky was recently awarded Best International Craft Whisky in the World by the American Distilled Spirits Awards.

This whisky uses peat collected by hand from the deepest darkest parts of the Valley of the Giants. The barley was smoked for an extended period, resulting in a heavier, more intense style of whisky ideally suited for darkest winter. This whisky was matured in an ex-bourbon American Oak cask. This whisky exhibits spice and floral aromas when neat and a splash of water unleashes malted barley and intense complex smokey aromas.

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700mL | Alc/Vol 

McHenry Single Malt

McHenry Distillery Single Malt - 4th Release

100L American Oak with 20L Tokay Finish – 200 Bottles Only.

Golden amber in color. A flavorful whisky with intense fruit and spice.

Sweet, woody aromas and flavors of tropical fruits, toffee, vanilla custard, caramelized apples and dusty straw, tea with a chewy, vibrant, and fruity full body. Peppery spices, and oak spice finish. The palate is sweet initially, with notes of citrus fruits, clean wood and youthful maltiness. The stickiness from the wood finish then begins to unfold, chocolate coated almonds and burnt sugar before coming to a soft floral note and then you are left with a toffee note on the finish.

500mL | Alc Vol 44%

Overeem - Port Cask

Overeem Distillery - Single Malt Port Cask

Tasting Notes:

On the Eye: Deep gold & brassy On the Nose: Intense aromatics, fruit chocolates, caramel, butterscotch, turkish delight, crème brulee, plum pudding rum soaked raisins, hint of cider On the Palate: Creamy texture, sweet and delicately spicy, fruitcake, caramel, liquorice & sweet malt. The Finish:Long. Vanilla bean laced with spiced raisins.

700mL | 43% Alc/Vol

Tiger Snake Rye of the Tiger

Tiger Snake - Rye of the Tiger

This Australian Whisky is hand distilled from a mash of 60% Rye and 40% Pale Malt Barley. The Rye was selected from the pristine fields on the South Coast of WA, which enjoy a cool Mediterranean climate. This Rye Of The Tiger has been twice distilled in small batch copper pot stills at our Albany Distillery on the edge of Princess Royal Harbour. This is a limited Single cask release and represents a unique place in time as Western Australia's first Rye Whiskey.

700mL | 55% Alc/Vol

Whipper Snapper Crazy Uncle

Whipper Snapper Distillery - Crazy Uncle (Moonshine)

Look: Crystal Clear
Nose: Light and crisp with hints of sweet corn. Taste; Silky texture with light aniseed
Finish: Light heat and sweetness

Unique selling points; 100% West Australian Grains, 80% corn, 10% malt, 10% wheat, first unique moonshine produced in Australia.

700mL | Alc/Vol 40%

Whipper Snapper Upshot

Whipper Snapper Distillery - Upshot Australian Whiskey

Look: Golden Amber

Nose: Cedar, toffee, butterscotch and vanilla tones

Taste: Rich cream texture with light butterscotch, caramel, nutmeg.

Finish: Well balanced and clean with hints of maple, vanilla, citrus.

Unique selling points; 100% West Australian Grains, 80% corn, 10% malt, 10% wheat, first urban whiskey produced in Australia. Aged in fresh American oak for 2 years in a warm Perth climate.

700mL | Alc/Vol 43%

Riverbourne Identity

Riverbourne Distillery - The Riverbourne Identity (First Release)

Martins first offering of 44 bottles is the Riverbourne Identity Single malt whisky which was made using a mixture of Westminster and Buloke barleys and then matured in an American Oak cask (number 3) and bottled at 61.3%alc. The whisky brings an aromatic nose and is a sugary raisin musty floral bomb.

500mL | 61.3% Alc/Vol

One Only. Bottle 39 out of 44.

Photo for Illustration purposes.

Riverbourne Supremacy

Riverbourne Distillery - The Riverbourne Supremacy (First Release)

His first peated expression is this Riverbourne Supremacy single malt whisky which was made using imported Scottish barley and then matured in an American Oak cask (number 9) and bottled at 57%alc. The strongly peated whisky is well balanced and expressive.

500ml | 47% Alc/Vol

One Only. Bottle 35 out of 70.

Bottle Image for Illustrative purposes.