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666 Vodka

666 - Vodka

666 Pure Tasmanian Vodka is a taste of Tasmania, so we handle every stage of production carefully, ensuring all the flavours of the beautiful natural environment stay in the bottle. 666 Pure Tasmanian Vodka starts life as Tasmanian Barley. It’s harvested, mashed and fermented in Tasmania. As with every element of our production, we handle our fermented barley gently, moving from fermentation to slow, single batch distillation using copper pot stills. After pot distillation we mellow the spirit with charcoal. This final filtration is done very slowly, using only the highest grade activated charcoal, ensuring that we remove all the impurities, but retain the character and flavour of our delicious Pure Tasmanian Vodka. The final stage of production is blending our pure vodka with the world’s purest rain, Cape Grim Water. Cape Grim, on the north west tip of Tasmania, just along the road from our distillery, has the world’s purest air and water.

Archie Rose Vodka

Archie Rose - Original Vodka

Using twice carbon-filtered Sydney water and Arichie Rose Distillery's preference for pure Australian wheat, their Original Vodka has a subtle natural sweetness. Crisp apple and mint notes offer a clean finish that lingers well after the first sip.

700mL | Alc/Vol 40%


  • World's Best International Vodka (Neutral Profile) – American Distilling Institute Craft Spirits Awards (USA)
  • World's Best Spirits Packaging - International Wine & Spirits Competition (London)
  • Gold Medal - San Francisco World Spirits Competition (USA)
  • Best Australian Vodka - International Wine & Spirits Competition (London)
Manly Spirits  Vodka - Marine

Manly Distillery - Botanical Vodka Marine

Silver Medalist (Flavour Distilled Vodka) – Australian Distilled Spirits Awards 2017

Distilled with sustainably foraged Australian native marine botanicals which contribute to savoury, sea air notes on the nose, balanced with gentle umami flavours on the palate. Perfect in a Dirty Martini.

700mL | Alc/Vol 41.6% 

Picture of Royal Dragon Superior Imperial Vodka

Royal Dragon Superior Imperial Vodka

Royal Dragon Superior Imperial Vodka 40% 700ml


Royal Dragon Imperial is distilled five times in a century old copper pot still from organically grown winter harvest rye. The striking bling bottle has a hand-blown crystal glass dragon inside and edible 23 carat gold leaf flakes from Switzerland which sink to the bottom of the bottle until shaken.

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