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Spirit Thief French Oak Tempranillo Cask 1st Release ‘Hector Musselwhite’

French Oak Tempranillo Cask 1st Release ‘Hector Musselwhite’

Tasmanian Single Malt Whisky

Bottle 62 of 110

500ml at 48.3% abv |  Batch 001
Hector Musselwhite Tasting notes:

Aroma – Lapin cherries, blackberry notes and candied orange | Palette – grassy citrus, milk chocolate and meringue | Finish – spice, rich oak and lingering cocoa. 

Limit: Purchase limit of 1 bottle of each style per customer.


The Spirit Thief labels are genuine Hobart Penitentiary criminal records from very early 20th century, a time when Hobart Town was a hard place to live and survive. Hector Musselwhite (our Tempranillo cask label) was sentenced in 1908 for 6 charges of ‘false pretence’ and given 6 months Gaol time. Arthur Jennings (our Shiraz cask label) was, according to his record, a hairdresser and sentenced in 1904 for 6 months Gaol time for being ‘Idle etc’. We feel these men (and women) were (most-likely) hard done-by and now pay tribute to them on our labels a century later. Each new release of Spirit Thief will feature a different ‘Thief’.


This first release batch of whisky was distilled at the original Redlands Distillery in Plenty, Derwent Valley by Dean Jackson and Robbie Gilligan (now Chair of the Tasmanian Whisky Producers Association), matured in part at Plenty and then moved to Kempton, now home to Old Kempton Distillery and was bottled and filtered at Belgrove Distillery. Every bottle is individually numbered. Check your label!


If you missed out on purchasing a bottle from us direct, you can find Spirit Thief at the following excellent bars around the nation, with a lot more to follow. And if you’re a bar manager and you want to stock us, please get in contact.

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