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Rare & Limited

Black Gate 620s Single Malt Whisky 71.1% 500ML

Black Gate 620s Single Malt Whisky 71.1% 500ML

Limited quanitied of now discontinued release.

This is the second cask strength release from NSW Distillery Black Gate. Made by renowned husband & wife team, Brian and Genise Hollingworth, they have been growing a huge fan following for their Australian Single Malt Whiskies and Rum.  

Black Gate 620s is a marriage of 6 x 20L Barrels, bottled straight out of the cask at a tasty 71.1% ABV. 

184 bottles were produced. Get by quick as these won't last. No chill filter or artificially colouring.

Tasting Notes:

Nose: At 71.1% approach at your own risk. Once you adjust to the high ABV, you are introduced to toffee, stone fruit, golden syrup and charred eucalyptus in the distance.

Palate: Lots of Vanilla, burnt caramel over a sticky date pudding, stone fruit, spice and heat.

Finish: medium length, an almost syrupy mouthfeel, loads of Vanilla, stone fruits again and spices. 

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Picture of Black Gate Oak Barrel 19

Black Gate Oak Barrel 19

This is one of the rarest Black Gate official bottlings ever - only 32 bottles released.  From a private collection.

This a Port Solera vatting of Black Gate bottled exclusively for The Oak Barrel Whisky Fair 2019 and is over 3 years old. This whisky is bottled at 51%ABV.

500ml | 51% ABV

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Picture of Bruichladdich 1992 Black Art 5.1 24

Bruichladdich 1992 Black Art 5.1 24

Black Art1992EDITION 05.1 / 24 ISLAY AGED YEARS

The fifth incarnation of this now legendary single malt is the first by head distiller Adam Hannett. As enigmatic as ever, the composition of casks remains a mystery. Working with the very finest American and French oak to explore that most esoteric relationship between spirit and wood, Black Art 5 is Head Distiller Adam Hannett’s personal voyage into the heart of Bruichladdich. We believe in the soul of the artisan.

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Bruichladdich OCTOMORE EDITION X4+10 - 162 PPM

Bruichladdich OCTOMORE EDITION X4+10 - 162 PPM

This is the second release of Bruichladdich's experimental  Octomore series. Sold out at the distillery, this is a rare collectors whisky - bottle from a private collector who sourced it from the distillery directly. 

Bruichladdich OCTOMORE EDITION X4+10 is quadruple distilled and at 70% is the highest cask strength whisky they've ever produced. Matured in a combination of bourbon, sweet wine, and sherry casks over 10 years, the X4+10 further pushes the boundaries of our super-heavily peated whisky series.

Peated to 162ppm.

Quadruple Distilled.

Bottled at 70% ABV.

500ml bottles.



Colour – Butterscotch.

Nose – Airy and light, banana milkshake, vanilla and tobacco leaf, light praline and coconut. Lemon and grapefruit zest with geranium. With a drop of water, hints of sultana and barley flour come through, then melon and pear with marzipan. Just a whisper of char and even less peat smoke.

Taste – A delicate texture at 70% and a warming sensation crosses the palate, a gentle chilli pepper heat. A hint of char from the wood and resinous sweetness, lemon and honey, and a hint of cloves. A splash of water calms the heat and opens the fruit, mango, melon and marzipan. Tablet, syrup, and vanilla, and, again, the barley flour with ground ginger come through after opening.

Finish – On the finish, there is a little aniseed, a gentle dryness and just the idea of peat smoke. A dry, almost smoked, coconut note fades into a dark fruit, raisin tone. At the very end comes peat smoke, just a little but as ever the power of the Octomore smoke even after four distillations and 10 years cannot be tamed.

Character – Only at Bruichladdich would this be attempted. Quadruple distillation of super heavily peated spirit – discovery of places unknown.

The story of Octomore X4+10

Three men, four stills, one fire extinguisher…four distillations. The result of pure curiosity. It shouldn’t have worked, but it did. Recharging the spirit stills an additional two times brought our middle cut to a perilous 89%. A purity of spirit that hadn’t been seen since the 17th Century. No explosions, no fire, no blindness, no stopped hearts, just Octomore.

This one-of-a-kind liquid sits at 70% alcohol, 1% above the strength at which we normally fill our casks. Yet the combination of additional distillation and age has reduced the influence of the peat smoke to one of the most gentle in the history of Octomore.

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Picture of Bunnahabhain 2003 Amontillado Finish (Distillery Exclusive)

Bunnahabhain 2003 Amontillado Finish (Distillery Exclusive)

Bunnahabhain 2003 Amontillado Finish (Distillery Exclusive) Scotch Single Malt Whisky 57.4% 700ml


Finished for two years in rare Amontillado sherry casks from the Montilla region of Spain, the dry fortified wine has imbued the wood with unique flavours which have married perfectly with our whisky.  With notes of dark chocolate, dried fruit, treacle, coffee and berries, this whisky is limited to 1710 bottles - definitely not one to miss!

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Craft Works Distillery – Single Malt Whisky Tasting Kit

Craft Works Distillery – Expressions of the Wood – 5 x 50ml Single Malt Whisky Tasting Kit

Tasting Kit - Expressions of the Wood - Craft Works Distillery

A unique tasting experience of Australian Single Malt Whisky crafted using five cask wood finishes including: Bourbon, Sherry, Port, Botrytis and a Double Cask (Port & Bourbon). Each 20-litre cask was filled and matured simultaneously, unveiling the true expression of each cask wood finish.


Tasting kit consists of five 50ml tastings.All cask strength straight from the cask.

Bourbon Wood 65.4 %ABV.

Sherry Wood 65.5% ABV.

Port Wood 66.0% ABV.

Botrytis Wood 65.1% ABV.

D Cask 65.8% ABV.


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Dark Valley Convicts Arrow

Dark Valley Convict’s Arrow – Bourbon Cask Single Malt Whisky 500ml 62.5%

Tasmanian independent bottling of Lark spirit. 

Individually Numbered - Bottle 4 of 30

Spirit Source

Lark Distillery

Cask Type






Matured in a 20 Litre Bourbon cask and released at Cask Strength of 62.5% this is limited to just 30 bottles.


G14.3 Light, fine and sculpted

G14.3 Light, fine and sculpted

The nose is utterly fascinating and appealing – it has frosted corn cereals and clover honey; it’s bourbon-like (in a good way) and it evokes something celebra-tory – wedding cake and polished dance floors. The velvet smooth palate per-fectly balances Demerara, candy corns and cola cube sweetness with the slight bitterness of wood (tea chests, cigar boxes). A drop of water shifts the nose into something light, fine and sculpted – an artist’s studio (oil paints, canvas), a jeweller’s work bench, moonlit wheat fields, old Calvados and rum and raisin marshmallows. But water slightly highlights the bitterness on the palate – so maybe just don’t.

Please note this bottle is offered as part of a private sale. Bottle has been inspected and in great condition.

Distillery: Dumbarton

AGE 30 years
CASK TYPE refill barrel / ex-bourbon
REGION Lowland
OUTTURN 174 bottles
ABV 48.7%


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Picture of GlenDronach 15 Revival - 2015 Bottling

GlenDronach 15 Revival - 2015 Bottling

Very few bottles of this cult favourite now remain. Distilled prior to the distilleries closure from 1996-2002, this '15 year old' bottled in 2015 is not so quietly known to contain whisky that's actually at least 19 years old. It is was also distilled at a time when GlenDronach was able to use direct coal fire to power their stills and used 100% ex-Oloroso Sherry casks in the maturation of this 15 year old expression.

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