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Highlander Inn - Clynelish 23 Year Old - 2019 Single Cask Bottling

Highlander Inn - Clynelish 23 Year Old - 209 Single Cask Bottling Scotch Single Malt Whisky 57% 700ml


This is the 2019 Single Cask bottling from Tatsuya Minagawa of the Highlander Inn in Craigellachie.

This years selection is a ex-bourbon barrel Clynelish which is a text book example of a class act Clynelish distilled in the mid 90's

Distilled 31 October 1995. Bottled 7 October 2019.
Cask No. 13411
284 bottles total

Note: Bottle #152 pictured but bottle number you will receive will be random.


Official tasting notes:

Colour: Straw gold
Nose: Purity and power!
A waxed hessian canvas scattered with crushed seashells, medical embrocations, citronella candles, myrtle and sea buckthorn.
Thrilling and evocatively old school highland malt.
A grand and bracing sweep of minerality keeps everything taut, structured and intricate. Water elevates the waxiness and intensifies the coastal aspect.
Palate: Immense at full strength.
The prickle of green pepper, dried seaweed and hot paprika is balanced by creaminess, salinity and a satisfying buttery texture. Dilution settles things
and brings sandalwood, beach sand, lemon balms and herbal teas. Superbly complex and satisfying.
Finish: Long, warming, lightly heathery and herbal.
Leads into a chalky, medical aftertaste.
Comments: Impeccable Clynelish.
Two bottles please Minagawa-san!
Angus MacRaild/Whisky writer

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