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Giniversity - Smoked Hemp

This is a handcrafted collaboration using locally grown organic Australian hemp hearts from Margaret River Hemp Co, select botanicals, and a delicate secret smoking process, to create a truly unique gin.

Juniper anchors the gin while the creamy nutty hemp heart envelopes the tongue and lingers long after the smoke has disappeared.

Pronounced flavours include Juniper, Toasted Sesame, Sweet Orange, and subtle Nut, over a tantalising Smokey foundation.

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Illegal Tender Rum - Distillers Cut

Illegal Tender Rum Co - Distillers Cut

Since the 16th of April 2015 our Master Distiller has meticulously tended to the barrel, aging at Illegal Tender Rum Co, from moving barrels into the sunshine to get some Dongara Sunshine onto them to then keeping them cool in summer out of the intense heat we have in Dongara.

Each bottle of Distillers Cut has the mark of quality on them, from the Rums initial distillation to the bottle you are purchasing, you can be assured this Rum will be one to be savoured.

Tasting Notes: 

A sophisticated spirit that entertains your palate, with distinct cane flavours ranging from brown sugar to a buttery crème Brule. A light bite on the back of the throat indicates the shiraz cask used for ageing, which pronounces that you are in fact drinking a barrel aged Rum.

A very pleasing after taste, light burn that has dissipated to a warmth in the back palate and warmth filling your body.

Limeburners Sherry Cask

Limeburners Distillery - Sherry Cask

Limeburners Single Malt Whisky is matured in a 200 litre
American Bourbon Cask and finished in an Australian Port cask.
Exhibiting spice and fruit aromas when neat, a splash of water
unleashes malted barley, aromas of vanilla and port with hints
of honey, raisins and warm spices.

700mL | Alc/Vol 43%

Black Gate Dark Rum

Black Gate Distillery - Overproof Dark Rum

Toffee, honey, fruits and spices, a sophisticated Australian rum but not as you know it.

Handmade from refinery molasses in a traditional copper pot still, matured for 2 years in a 100 litre ex Port cask.

700mL | Alc/Vol 51%