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23rd St Gin

23rd Street Distillery - Signature Gin

You’re trying to be nonchalant with your sophisticated botanical gin but all the while tiny explosions of Riverland sunshine tickle your palate. It’s the underlying citrus from fresh local mandarin and lime that makes Twenty Third Street gin a particularly jovial drop.


23rd Street's distiller individually infuses ten botanicals including traditional juniper and coriander, complemented by zesty local citrus. Astute blending is key, creating a layered palate and full-bodied mouthfeel.


Aromas are led by juniper, Riverland mandarin and coriander, with hints of spices. On the palate, juniper is closely followed by a mandarin middle and fresh lime on the back palate. Spices support with softness and complexity. Enjoy neat, as the star of a cocktail or mixed with tonic or soda and garnished with citrus.

700mL | Alc/vol 40%


36 Short - Blood Orange

36 Short Distillery - Blood Orange Gin

36 Short Blood Orange Gin is flavoured with subtle aromatics of sweet herbaciousness, a spicy citrus lift with a hint of fresh pine and resinous notes.

500mL | Alc/Vol 46%

36 Short

36 Short Distillery - Golden Rakia

36 Short Gold Rakia has a rich aroma with a full-bodied, smooth mouthfeel with a hint of spice and a subtle sweet undertone due to the ageing and distillation process.


 500mL | Alc/Vol 45%

Picture of Adelaide Hills Distillery - 78° Small Batch Gin

Adelaide Hills Distillery - 78° Small Batch Gin

Adelaide Hills Distillery's 78˚ small batch gin is carefully distilled in a column and basket still, designed by us specifically for gin.

Adelaide Hills Distillery use pure Adelaide hills water and a blend of twelve unique botanicals, never heated above 78.1˚. Distilling at this gentle temperature ensures that only the purest alcohol vapours interact with the botanicals, and preserves their delicate flavours and aromas; resulting in a more complex, superior gin.

This product is handcrafted and bottled in The Adelaide Hills.

700mL | Alc/vol 42%

Juniper | Fresh pine and resinous notes
Coriander | Spice with citrus hints
Orange, Lemon, Lime | Bright citrus lift
Clove, Cinamon, Black Pepper | Delicate, spicy base tones
Nutmeg, Star Anise | Herbaceous, grassy and intriguing
Orris, Angelica | Structure and violets while allowing other aromas to linger

Adelaide hills distillery green ant gin

Adelaide Hills Distillery - Green Ant Gin

Traditionally sourced for their protein and medicinal benefits, Green Ants display vibrant flavours of Lime and Coriander. This unique bush tucker is hand harvested in the Northern Territory by the Motlop family of the Larrakia people. Other botanicals include Boobiala (Native Juniper), Finger Lime, Strawberry Gum, Lemon Myrtle and Pepper Berry.

 700mL | alt/vol 42%

Applewood Gin

Applewood Distillery - Gin

Applewood Distillery

Distilled from grape-based spirit from the Barossa Valley and composed of an eclectic collection of botanicals such as Juniper, Lavender, Saltbush, Peppermint Gumleaf, Blood Limes, Desert Limes, Lemon Myrtle, Anise Myrtle, Wild Thyme, Quandong and Pepperberry. 

500mL | Alc/vol 43%


GOLD - Australian Distilled Awards 2017 

SILVER - San Fransisco Spirit Awards 2017


Archie Rose Dry Gin

Archie Rose Distillery - Dry Gin

Archie Rose Distillery carefully crafted Dry Gin uses fourteen traditional and native botanicals, each uniquely infused and individually distilled in their copper pot still.

Perfectly balanced and wonderfully complex, their Signature Dry Gin is accented by native Australian botanicals, including Blood Lime, Dorrigo Pepperleaf, Lemon Myrtle and River Mint. All underpinned with pronounced juniper berry.

700mL | Alc/vol 42%

  • World's Best International Contemporary Gin - American Distilling Institute Craft Spirits Awards (USA)
  • World's Best Spirits Packaging - International Wine & Spirits Competition (London)
  • Gold Medals - San Francisco World Spirits Competition (USA) & Global Gin Masters (London)
  • Best Australian Gin - International Wine & Spirits Competition (London)
  • Best Australian Gin (Platinum Medal) - SIP Awards (USA)
Encounter Coast Thymus Gin

Encounter Coast Spirits - Thymus Gin

With the use of lemon thyme 'Thymus Citriodorus' as a botanical, and subtle notes of lavender this beautifully perfumed gin can be enjoyed straight up on ice or for the traditionalists with tonic.

Four Pillars Bloody Shiraz Gin

Four Pillars Distillery - Bloody Shiraz Gin

The beauty of Bloody Shiraz Gin being a product of vintage means that it will never be the same. The 2017 release has an incredibly vibrant ruby colour, which turns iridescent pink when mixed with tonic or soda. Aromatically the gin has fresh pine needles and incredible spice, and a clear peppery, dense raspberry character.

The palate is lovely and sweet, with long juniper and spice characters to finish. This release is slightly lighter in colour than last year's, due to a cool vintage in the Yarra Valley with a moderate ripening period.

700mL | Alc/Vol 37.8%


Four Pillars - Rare Gin

Four Pillars Distillery - Rare Dry Gin

Four Pillars Distillery wanted to create a gin to represent their idea of modern Australia: classic, clean, spiced to perfection and lifted with great citrus. 

Four Pillars Rare Dry Gin sings on the rocks and holds its own with the best mixers on the market. And that’s just modern Australia, isn’t it? Definitive, iconic, yet friendly and exceptionally diverse. 

Their starting point is the Yarra Valley’s clean, bright water, among the very best in the world - triple distilled for clarity and purity.

They crafted a Rare Dry Gin to deliver the best botanical notes from all around the world. It captures the essence of contemporary Australia’s heritage in Europe and Asia. 

European juniper berries, spices from South East Asia through to the Middle East. To that they added two native Australian botanicals, lemon myrtle and Tasmanian pepperberry.

Cinnamon and star anise add rich fruitcake tones, the pepperberry leaf provides warmth rather than heat, and the lemon myrtle is a fragrant alternative to lemon peel. 

Finally, they use whole organic oranges that add a highly aromatic character, a fresh Mediterranean touch that supports the spicier botanicals like cardamom.

Each of these carefully selected elements (and a whole lot of love) are distilled together in their magnificent German-made copper pot still, Wilma, until all impurities are removed.

The spirit comes out at a fierce 93% ABV before we cut it to bottle strength. And safe to say, it's proved to be a winning formula so far. 

In 2014, the San Francisco World Spirits Competition drew a massive 1474 entries from across the globe, making it the biggest year to date, and one that included their very own Rare Dry Gin in its debut on the world stage.

And guess what? They took Double Gold at this most prestigious spirit competition, one of nine double gold medals within a gin category of 92 entries.

Stu was tempted to leave the world of competition on a high note: “We are one for one. This is the first competition we’ve entered, domestic and abroad. We might just retire from entering them now with a perfect record.”

Thankfully they didn’t, because Four Pillars received Double Gold again two years later at the 2016 San Fran WSC. And then backed it up with Gold in the UK's Global Gin Masters that year. Clearly Cam’s extensive research and experimentation has paid off.

700mL | Alc/Vol 41.8%

Ginversity Barrel Aged Gin

Ginversity Barrel Aged Gin

Handcrafted in a single small batch and aged in a French Oak Pinot Cask. This complex gin spouts a striking pink glow, a sweet & earthy palate with an incredibly smooth and delicate finish, fantastic neat, on ice or ideal for any gin based cocktail.

Pronounced botanicals include Juniper, Coriander, Cardamom, Angelica and Citrus.

500mL | Alc/Vol 49%

Ginversity Botanical Gin

Ginversity Botanical Gin

Born of Giniversity; a unique experiment of clever unearthing, ingenious trials, and artistic expression through gin.

Handpicked botanicals were carefully chosen to reflect a unique Native Australian recipe. Individually distilled and infused to create a distinctive aromatic style.

Pronounced botanicals include Juniper, Sandalwood, Boronia, Lemon Myrtle and Eucalypt.

500mL | Alc/Vol 42%

Ginversity London Dry

Ginversity London Dry

A distinct fusion of nine traditional botanicals in addition to Meen, a unique botanical wildly foraged in Australia’s South West, creating a unique, refreshing, dry style of distilled gin.

Pronounced botanicals include Juniper, Coriander, Citrus and Meen. With a delicate pepper flavour that sets this London Dry Gin apart from any other in the world.

500mL | Alc/Vol 40%

O Gin

Kangaroo Island O Gin

KIS O'Gin is hand crafted in the same unique way as the Wild Gin, highlighting Juniper, Coriander and Angelica Root in a contemporary London Style. Key to its character is the subtle infusion of Kangaroon Island coastal daisy (Olearia axillaris) - sometimes known as wild rosemary - this shrub of the Asteracea family flourishes along South Australia's coastal regions - a perfect compliment enhancing this gin's lively structure. Savoury and dry with a burst of orange. A nose which recalls beach dunes on a hot sumer day. 

Colour | Clear

Nose | Bursts with Olearia and Juniper. Hint of vanilla and marizpan.

Palate | Juniper, sweet orange, spicy

Finish | Passionfruit spicy pepper

700mL | Alc/Vol 43.5%

Wild Gin

Kangaroo Island Wild Gin

This premium award winning Gin is made using a basket distillation process. Hand batched in small quantities, the gin is produced in a 80Lt copper still, with native Kangaroo Island ingredients. Distilled with a blend of ‘native’ juniper (Boobialla-Myoporum insulare) and Italian common juniper, coriander and 10 other traditional Gin botanicals, produces a light and floral Gin not shy of Juniper. A gin lover’s gin.

700mL | Alc/Vol 43%

Lark Distillery Forty Spotted Gin

Lark Distillery - Forty Spotted Gin

We believe that some of the greatest things in life are yet to be discovered. That’s why we matched traditional gin botanicals with a rare Tasmanian native spice to create a refined and elegant gin that is unlike any other. Forty Spotted is hand distilled in small copper pot stills. We favour the steeping method of gin production and use the traditional botanicals of juniper berry, coriander and lemon peel and incorporate something a little bit special to give our gin its contemporary style and unique finish.

700mL | 40% Alc/Vol

Picture of Manly Distillery - Australian Dry Gin

Manly Distillery - Australian Dry Gin


Silver Medalist (New World/Contemporary Gin)- Australian Distilled Spirits Awards 2017

A  well rounded gin that can be sipped neat or perfect for your refreshing G&T, garnished with a slice of orange.

Manly Distillery's Australian Dry Gin has a delectable blend of ten carefully-considered sustainably foraged marine, Australian native and traditional botanicals distilled into a pure Australian wheat spirit. The bright, fresh flavours of the citrus, marine & juniper give way to the gentle peppery notes on the palate to deliver a complex lingering finish.

700mL | Alc/Vol 43%

Mchenry Barrel Aged Gin

McHenry Distillery - Barrel Aged Gin

A Solera style Gin aged in rare 200L Russell's Reserve Bourbon Barrels at Australia's southern most Distillery.

200mL | Alc/Vol 40%

Never Never Distilling Southern Strength Gin

Never Never Distilling Co - Southern Strength Gin

This is the first of the Dark Series releases. Our Southern Strength Gin is a beast of a gin. It contains not only the intense juniper concentration of the Triple Juniper Style but also a heavier alcoholic content sitting at 54%abv. We have also increased the botanical weight to add even more mouth-feel and character and to balance the sheer flavour intensity that juniper at this strength creates. This gin is the very first of our experimental Dark Series, with each label a limited release. 

Tasting Notes

Nose: Intense and immediate citrus character. Dark resinous pine mingling with wood-spice and pepper.

Palate: Oily and intense, balanced despite the high alcoholic content. The juniper is still the most prominent feature however the earthiness has been dialled up with angelica and orris root clearly major contributors to this character. Pepperberry and cinnamon announce themselves as the gin dries across the back palate. Lemon oils linger on the lips and palate.

Finish: The finish is long and extended, aided by the alcoholic content. The resinous finish found in the Triple Juniper is heightened and developed through the addition of a light menthol character from the Tasmanian pepperberry. 

500ml | Alc/Vol 53%

Never Never - Triple Juniper

Never Never Distilling Co - Triple Juniper Gin

This gin is a throw back to the times when gin had juniper and lashings of it. The juniper is treated in three separate ways, partially steeped, partially in the pot and partially in the vapour, in carefully selected balance. Despite this obsession with juniper, it is still a force that needs to be managed. A carefully selected bouquet of botanicals honours the brilliance of the juniper by complementing it, rather than overpowering it.

A heaviness of botanical concentration means that mild cloudiness is inevitable when the gin is chilled or diluted. This cloudiness is an indication of the heaviness of botanical character that is left in

Tasting Notes

Nose: Pine needle, brushed rosemary, lemon oil, earthy root vegetable extending into fragrant pepper.

Palate: Immediately fragrant with a bright citrus character up front. Oily and intense, the juniper is prominent, supported by the earthy undertones of angelica and orris root and extended by the addition of wooded spices and pepper.

Finish: Long and complex with a rich creaminess that dries out almost immediately. There is a changing dynamic of juniper, first bright and fragrant that develops into an earthy more resinous finish. The length is long and luxurious.

500mL | Alc/Vol 43% 

Patient Wolf Gin

Patient Wolf Distilling Co - Premium Dry Gin

Our Distilling Process

Patient Wolf is distilled in small batches in our custom built 230L Müller copper still. It’s one-of-akind and was made by hand in Germany. Their botanicals are steeped overnight and include: juniper berries, coriander seeds, orris root, angelica root, cardamom, cubeb pepper, and tonka beans. While fresh ruby grapefruit, Valencia oranges and native aniseed myrtle are vapour infused in a botanical basket. The most unusual botanical we use are tonka beans from South America, which complexity and texture.

Tasting Notes

A strong nose of bright citrus quickly makes way for a bold, earthy and floral bouquet. On the palate, orris commands whilst coriander seed tingles warmly and finally finishes with hints of peppercorn spice and fresh juniper

700mL | Alc/Vol 41.5%

Prohibition Gin

Prohibition Gin






700mL | Alc/Vol 42%

Westwinds Gin - The Broadside

The Westwinds Distillery Gin - The Broadside

The Broadside Navy Strength, joins The Sabre and The Cutlass as a staple of our distillery. As for drinks ideas, we say keep it simple...sip it straight up on a cold winters evening, appreciate its “full-on” flavour in a dry Martini with a grapefruit twist or treat yourself to an explosive G&T with a slice of lemon.

700mL | Alc/Vol 58%

Westwinds Gin - The Sabre

The Westwinds Distillery Gin - The Sabre

The Sabre is their doff of the cap to the gin houses of old. Unashamedly classic, it is their Australian expression of a traditional gin, incorporating a strong undercurrent of citrus weaving through twelve spices and botanicals including juniper, lemon myrtle, lime peel and wattle seed.

700mL | Alc/Vol 40%