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Belgrove Peated Rye Whisky 60% 500ml

Belgrove Peated Rye Whisky

Size: 500mL
Alc / Vol: 60%
Base Spirit:

100% Rye

Style: Peated


Belgrove Distillery

Region: Kempton, TAS
Established: 2010
Distiller: Peter Bignell

700L Copper Pot Still made by Peter Bignell

The third release Peated Rye Whisky aged for 3 years and cut at 60%. This is a grain to glass model with the obvious benefit that all aspects are under Peter Bignell's control. On the nose - old smoke, quite sweet with some vanilla and honey fudge On the palate smoky and fruity, quite sweet with some cold ash aromas, caramel, earthy like a campfire in a warm summer rain, burned apricot, We call this a ‘smoky every-day-dram’!

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