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Australian Whisky

Black Gate Whisky BG020

Black Gate Distillery - BG020 Whisky

Matured in a Black Gate rum cask for almost 4 years this 
Single Malt Whisky has the rich aroma of caramel, synonymous
of Black Gate Rum and then the well balanced, robust whisky
flavour that is the Black Gate style.

500mL | Alc/Vol 50%
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Picture of Black Gate Single Cask #BG021

Black Gate Single Cask #BG021

Black Gate Single Cask #BG021 Australian Single Malt Whisky 49.3% 500ml


A rare non cask strength whisky from Blackgate Distillery in NSW. It's exciting to see a non cask strength whisky have so much flavour and such a rich profile. The whisky is aged in an ex-Port cask for 3 years. Small batch only 213 bottles released.

Bottle 29/213.

Picture of Black Gate Solera Batch #1 (500ml)

Black Gate Solera Batch #1 (500ml)

This first solera release from Black Gate distillery is a marriage of tawny cask matured whisky. The solera vat creates layers of complexity and adds extra flavour dimensions.

500ml | 49.3% ABV

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Craft Works Distillery – Single Malt Whisky Tasting Kit

Craft Works Distillery – Expressions of the Wood – 5 x 50ml Single Malt Whisky Tasting Kit

Tasting Kit - Expressions of the Wood - Craft Works Distillery

A unique tasting experience of Australian Single Malt Whisky crafted using five cask wood finishes including: Bourbon, Sherry, Port, Botrytis and a Double Cask (Port & Bourbon). Each 20-litre cask was filled and matured simultaneously, unveiling the true expression of each cask wood finish.


Tasting kit consists of five 50ml tastings.All cask strength straight from the cask.

Bourbon Wood 65.4 %ABV.

Sherry Wood 65.5% ABV.

Port Wood 66.0% ABV.

Botrytis Wood 65.1% ABV.

D Cask 65.8% ABV.


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Dark Valley Convicts Arrow

Dark Valley Convict’s Arrow – Bourbon Cask Single Malt Whisky 500ml 62.5%

Tasmanian independent bottling of Lark spirit. 

Individually Numbered - Bottle 4 of 30

Spirit Source

Lark Distillery

Cask Type






Matured in a 20 Litre Bourbon cask and released at Cask Strength of 62.5% this is limited to just 30 bottles.


Hobart Whisky First Release

Hobart Whisky - First Release '18-001

Hobart Whisky First Release, a skillful marriage of selected small ex-bourbon casks, expressed at 48.8% abv.

Batch Nº: 18-001
Bottled: 2nd August 2018

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Picture of Iniquity Batch 005

Iniquity Batch 005

Sherry cask aged

The malt was smoked using peat from the Parawa area south of Adelaide and classic South Australian mallee wood.

This whisky is a winter warmer, but it is definitely at its best after being warmed in the hand.  Don't make the mistake of drinking it cold or on ice.

700ml | 46%

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Picture of Iniquity Batch 008

Iniquity Batch 008

American Oak

3 x Small Port Barrels with a little Pedro added for a touch of contrast, then married for three months in a larger American Oak Port Barrel. All, except the touch of Pedro, were heavily peated by our standards.

700ml | 46%

Picture of Iniquity Batch 009

Iniquity Batch 009

French Oak

Several American Oak ex port and sherry barrels were married in a French Oak port barrel resulting in an expression a little different to our earlier expressions. 

700ml | 46%